Saturday, December 4, 2010

Slow Progress

Progress is slowly being made on the staging yards of Wallarah Creek. With being on holidays and taking the family down south for our annual pilgrimage to Merimbula, it has left little time for anything else. Also the Christmas decorations took a few days away from the "Creek" and the long list of jobs the wife had given me.

I also could not help my self when I saw Train-o-rama had selected 44 classes going for a steal at $150 and purchased the NCR 4488. All it needs now is a heavy dose of graffiti and weathering.

 So with Christmas coming up, I maybe able to get something up and running. I have two mates who are very keen to visit for a running,BBQ and beers day before chrissy. Sounds good to me.
Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Where it all began

Wallarah Creek began way back in 1998 in a spare back room. This was my first attempt to build a modular layout and as such had no formal planing except for the one in my mind. The layout is based on Wyee which is on the "short north" between Sydney and Newcastle. Why Wyee? Well I had always been interested in the operations of loading fly ash from the near-by Power Stations, which took place there until the early 00's. Also my father work briefly there in the mid 70's. The period that I decided to model was from the introduction of electrification in 1984 till when the bridge over Mannering Creek was replaced in 2004. It was also around the same time that the loading facilities were decommissioned. Wyee has been done as an exhibition layout before (WYE NOT) so I used a near by creek as it's new name.

 In 2005 I was told by the missus to vacate the room, so plans were hastily drawn to build a 6 x7 metre shed in the back yard. The only regret that I have with it is I didn't line the inside and include air conditioning and a loo. Anyway work slowly progressed and the base boards were completed. In 2006 all that halted as our first child arrived. Having to work in Sydney and being a father severely limited time in the "Shed" as the wife would say. I must be a glutton for punishment as child #2 arrived in 2008. Even so some work has progressed and a change in job location (40 Min's away) has helped the cause.

Friday, September 24, 2010


Welcome to Wallarah Creek. In the next few week's I will be posting progress on my HO layout.